IMTS is an international mineral and agricultural chemical testing service company based in Shanghai China. We provide ISO standard testing service for our global clients in the mining and agricultural industries.

IMTS Laboratories has become a natural extension of our many years of successful consultancy, exporting and management experience in the solid minerals business in West Africa.

IMTS Laboratories are equipped to deliver accurate Q&Q analysis and inspection of stockpile and cargo loading, containers sampling across the solid minerals and agricultural spectrum.

We operate to ISO 17025 standard using local and foreign laboratory personnel.

Our testing expertise covers:

Pb, Cu, Zn, Ag, As, S, Ta, Ti , Au, Mn , Fe, Nb, Sn, Zr, Sb, Hg, Mg, AI, Ca, Si, Li, Ci ,Na ,Ni ,K, Nb, Co ,Cr ,Mo ,Cd ,Sb, Bi, Be ,C etc.



I am proud of being a part of IMTS. Accurate mineral tests and inspection procedures are fundamental to developing successful commodity trade in West Africa. We seek to do our part in providing this.