IMTS Geochemistry

IMTS Geochemistry is implemented from almost all permanent laboratory locations and guarantees that IMTS work procedures are standardised and tracked from each step, from initial log-in/sample submittal, by means of the all-important sample preparation stages and ultimately analytical determination. IMTS Geochemistry gives analytical procedures suitable for all components of interest that tend to be tailored in order to meet the requirements associated with exploration geologists, miners, mineral processing engineers and metallurgists. Our information is utilised for exploration, mine grade control, concentrate and bullion determinations, acid-base accounting. The regular array of analytical methods offered covers all commodities from precious metals to lead, zinc, copper, chromium and iron ore and industrial Minerals. Methodologies include those utilised for litho geochemistry, trace and indicator element analysis, ore grade determination, isotope determinations, hydro geochemistry, biogeochemistry and selective leach geochemistry.