We operate to ISO 17025 standard. Our laboratories have diversified analytical testing services. We provide accurate and timely results in the area of base metals, minerals and agriculture.

Through our partnership with Standard Laboratory in mainland China , IMTS accurate, bankable and on time results to our clients.


IMTS management have years of experience in West Africa in servicing clients in the efficient exportation of solid minerals and agricultural products. IMTS is a privately operated company made up of foreign and local staff.

With years of experience, we know all the pitfalls and issues regarding accurate sample collection, preparation and analysis. It is this experience IMTS brings along with our team of local West African staff as well as staff from China, Australia, Nigeria and Turkey.


The decision to form IMTS laboratories was based on knowledge that accurate world class testing services are critical to the export growth of developing areas like West Africa.

IMTS management made the decision from the beginning that it would adopt procedures and standards in the receipt, preparation and analysis of samples using ISO 17025 standards.

IMTS has a roadmap to achieve these accreditations and have engaged expert consultancy and staff and set dates for the auditing and accreditation process.